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Situated in Hollywood, FL , PSG Broward Auto Repair specialize in MOT testing, servicing and repairs for all makes of car and van. We support out all auto repair and services including exhausts, tires, welding, main motor repairs and MOT’s on both petrol and diesel engines including auto diagnostics.

Jan 02, 2014 by Sandra L.

I am impressed with the auto tune up service provided by PSG Broward Auto Repair. Highly recommend them!
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Auto Repair Hollywood FL welcome all fleet support vehicles and company contracts for both with business accounts available.

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Address:5759 Funston St Hollywood FL 33023

Phone: (954) 967-8885

We offer professional auto repairsWe are fully competent lifelong mechanics with a unlimited wealth of awareness that enables us to work across all types of vehicle. Our diverse and loyal client base from Hollywood Florida and it’s surrounding areas reflect this. If you require any guidance about your vehicle, want definite repairs carried out, or wish to book a service,look for new and used tires or MOT please call, email or visit our auto repair shop in Hollywood FL.

Do you have a sinking suspicion that your car needs some repair work done? Have you been wondering what that ticking, groaning or grinding sound is? If you need service or repair done on your vehicle, use our auto repair service as your one-stop shop for finding first class Hollywood auto repairs. For whatever reason you think you need service or repairs done to your vehicle, our Hollywood Florida repair shop can offer you a qualified and skilled Hollywood auto service.

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New And Used Tires

We sell new and used tires in Hollywood, FL. New tires from brands like Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Cooper, National and more. We also have a large selection of used tires for every make and model (yes, even large 4×4 and semi-truck OTR tires), that can be bought used for only a fraction of the original price.

Auto Diagnostic

Trust our Hollywood auto diagnostic service performed by friendly professionals at PSG Broward Auto Repair. We’ll detect those strange sounds with our expert skills and high-tech diagnostic system. Then we quickly fix the culprits so that you can be back to driving safely down the road.

Auto Mechanic Repairs

PSG Broward Auto Repair also provides auto mechanic repairs in the Hollywood area. Our highly skilled auto mechanic is a mechanic with a variety of car makes or either in a specific area or in a specific make of car. The company boasts excellence in delivering full range auto mechanics work.

Auto Tune Up Service

When your auto is properly tuned, the computer system, fuel system, ignition system and emission system are all working together. Most cars require regularly scheduled tune ups around every 30,000 miles. Choose our professional auto tune up services and it will result in peak combustion chamber efficiency, making sure your vehicle is emitting a minimum amount of pollutants and saving you money at the gas pump.